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Science Analytics

Our Story

The leading Contract Research Organization

We’re a young and talented group of scientists' entrepreneurs with several years

of experience in analytical services. We provide our expertise to biopharma industries to contribute towards a better tomorrow. We have a highly dedicated team of young scientists and pride ourselves on our unparalleled, dedicated service. At Resem-Bio, we believe that the right understanding and technological edge can lead to Biopharma companies towards developing a successful biotherapeutics. Given an opportunity we can partner with the vision of the nation and growth journey. From star to the end, we will try to make all processes smooth for you.   

What We Offer

At Resem-Bio, we provide data analysis support to the biopharma industries for HOS (higher order structure) characterization, bio-similarity assay, aggregation monitoring, impurity analysis for biotherapeutics such as peptides, proteins and monoclonal antibodies. We help in analyzing data coming from range of analytical techniques such as AUC, NMR, DSC, SEC-MALS, peptide mapping/protein sequencing etc.  We believe that our solutions can help biopharma industries for their biotherapeutics characterization in API and in their formulated state. In the end the report which we provide can be directly submitted to the regulatory agencies. The data provided would be of high quality and delivery is always on time. We also remain associated with our clients till their final approval and help in resolving all queries asked by regulatory agencies.

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